Saturday, 17 October 2015

Chubby Girls

 photo Copyright Miss Violet Chubster_zpskhz8eihj.jpg

Violet Chubby

 photo copyright best friends chubster_zps4hwkxt5z.jpg

Best Friends Chubby

 photo copyright I love you Chubster_zpsm1vlihua.jpg

I love you Chubby

 photo copyright garden chubster_zpsnnwybey3.jpg

Flower watering chubby

 photo copyright once upon a time_zps3oxystwv.jpg

Reading Chubby

 photo copyright rainy day chubster_zps7g2ukk6q.jpg

Rainy Day Chubby

 photo copyright shy chubster_zpsrjxhjar5.jpg
Shy Chubby

 photo copyright picking berries chubbie_zpsqca7k7td.jpg

Picking Berries Chubby

 photo copyright chubby winter_zpsqugei6ot.jpg

Winter Chubby

 photo copyright chubby happy_zpsjnwdfhru.jpg

Sunny Chubby

 photo copyright blue dancer_zpse5chqwts.jpg

Blue Ballet Chubby

 photo copyright pink dancer_zpsfsnp3ize.jpg

Pink Ballet Chubby

 photo copyright panda_zpsnlxgvdyn.jpg

Chubby Panda

More work

 photo copyright song of solomon_zpstfzcdjag.jpg

The Season for Singing

 photo copyright gentle fairy_zps1akwiay1.jpg

A quiet fairy . . .

 photo copyright Enter his Gates with Thanksgiving_zps93nlaarh.jpg

A Joyful Noise,

 photo copyright you are my happy_zpssgjnr7bb.jpg

Happy Chubby

 photo copyright birthday wishes_zpskefritwq.jpg

Birthday Wishes and Butterfly Kisses

 photo copyright have faith_zpsbzyzceph.jpg

All things possible

 photo BESTcopyright renew strength nurse_zpsdyw27m4h.jpg

Renew Strength

 photo copyright fearfully and wonderfully made_zpsrq1bebia.jpg

I will Praise You

 photo copyright My Grace_zpselch76ts.jpg

My Grace is Sufficient

 photo copyright fearfully and wonderfully made_zpsf9sa4hzf.jpg

Fearfully and Wonderfully

 photo copyright beauty_zpsamfuxvba.jpg

Every Hare

 photo copyright Count it all joy_zpskhylex9x.jpg

Count It All Joy

A years worth of work . . .

Oh boy . . .  I can't believe it's been so long since I posted my work on here.  I will try to post everything today . . .  but it's a lot, so bear with me!

 photo copyrightstay_zps1ecbf12b.jpg


 photo copyrightship_zpsd45865a5.jpg


 photo copyrightdentdelion_zpsab30a7d4.jpg

Dandelion Bubbles

 photo copyrightsunflowergirl_zps5e418eec.jpg

Sunflower . . .

 photo copyrightkindredspiritfriends_zpsb5104d22.jpg

Kindred Spirit Friends

 photo copyrightprayingfor_zpsa825dcbe.jpg

The Things We Take for Granted

 photo copyrightbutterfly_zps8e96527b.jpg

It Became a Butterfly

 photo copyrightmarriagelds_zps898b76ab.jpg


 photo copyrightapplesofgold_zpsc17a399a.jpg

Apples of Gold

 photo copyrightfruitofthespirit_zps2363e7bc.jpg

Fruit of the Spirit is Love

 photo copyrightIwillsingofyourlove_zpsdaf74d06.jpg

Sing of Your Love

 photo copyrightwhoisGod_zpsce15ba48.jpg

Who Is God

 photo copyrightangels_zpseac0a6da.jpg

He gives His Angels Charge

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A few of my latest pieces

 photo copyrightShine_zps98ab26bb.jpg

I love this little girl with her oriental outfit and the fireflies helping her to shine!

 photo copyrightbecauseofyou_zps879b9789.jpg

I tried to make this one look a bit like a quilt.

 photo copyrightinherdreams_zps8fd2653d.jpg

Can't everyone fly in their dreams?? I do!

 photo copyrightMistressMary_zpsd6902171.jpg

I always loved these fairy tales and verses when I was a child.  Being out in our garden the other afternoon, I was inspired to do this fairy tale girl.  I see more in my future as I really loved doing this.

 photo copyrightsistersandfriends_zpsf132ee69.jpg 

A little something I did for my sister.  I love my sister.   She has been my best friend for all of her life.

Great news on the Craft Show front.  They sold out of my CD on the first day.  So that is excellent news!  I was really pleased.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Playing catch up again . . .

 Life has been so busy lately I just haven't had time to update the blog like I should.  Today is another catch up, but I know you will forgive me.

 photo img036_zpsbd778814.jpg

Earlier in May, we experienced a loss in the family.   My son and his wife lost the baby they were expecting.  James Pacey Thornton Lewis, born and passed on May 7th.  Praise God for the gospel which tells us this life is much more than just this life.

 photo copyrightaboy_zps7d1f0e53.jpg

A Boy is Frogs.  Just a little boy and his pup.  My attempt at poetry as well.  This can be personalized to any name.  Joshua is one of my grandsons, but any name can go there really.

 photo CopyrightEmilyDickensonHOPE_zpsb590f7ff.jpg

I really love, LOVE this one.   Hope is the thing with feathers.  Not sure why I love it so, but it's one of my favourites now.  I never know what is going to come out when I sit down to paint.   And I usually have to look at my paintings over several days before I take to them. I took to this one right away.

 photo copyright_zps7f123a7b.jpg

Haven't we all had one of those days?   I wanted to practice sketching and painting animals and this is what came out!  

 photo copyrightsecrets_zps90bda6cc.jpg

Secrets.  We all need somebody to unburden our heart to.   Grateful for mine.   I love red and white toadstools, don't you?

 photo CopyrightgeatestoftheseisLove_zps06a55677.jpg

One of my favourite scriptures.  Love is the greatest.   I truly believe this. You cannot have faith or hope without love.

 photo copyrightforever_zps681e3c04.jpg

An Oriental looking girlie.  I do love Emily Dickenson quotes.  Those flowers took a LOT of time. It was worth it though . . .

 photo copyrightGrandma_zps8956ccaf.jpg

A friend of mine became a Grandma for the first time.  Such an exciting time.  I love this!  I hope she does too.

 photo copyrightsmile_zpsfe8e128d.jpg

Love this little girl holding her happy cat.   Smiles are always the best accessories I think!  

 photo dancycopyright_zpsc2c98887.jpg

Dance, it's like dreaming with your feet.  I wanted to be a ballerina or a tap dancer when I was little.  I still dance, but now I hope that nobody's watching, lol.  

 photo cover_for_Marie_zpsc0d5bd2b.jpg

Finally the craft CD was on the telly earlier this week.  I don't think I could ever adequately express how exciting this was for me.  On  the Create and Craft Channel.  Ooh La La did a fabulous job with this cd rom.  I was ever so pleased and the show presented it all beautifully.

Here are a few of the cards that their design team has been able to produce from it.

 photo OLLKevin_zps4c23d2b2.jpg 

 photo OLLAnneC_zps1894290a.jpg 

 photo OLLDaniele_zps65c717d5.jpg 

The possibilities are endless as to what can be created with this cd rom.  You can buy it on the Ooh La La Creations page.  Over 700 pages to print over and over again.   It's great value for money.   Love, LOVE what they were able to do with my work.  Thanks Ooh La La!