Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WOYWW, Robins, Red Shoes and Scripture Love . . .

 photo SAM_4661_zps51a60a39.jpg

I've had a fairly busy week this week.  I like it when I am busy art-wise because it means I am doing what I love to do best of all and that is to create.  Dirty paint brushes are my favourite things and this is how I have dirtied them this past week . . .

 photo Blossomtimecopyright_zpsebefe021.jpg

First up was a Spring Robin.   I love the thought I put on it . . . it's all about Easter and the promise it brings to us each and every year.   I love the thought of rended chains and I am grateful for the Savior and all He did for us.

  photo BirthdayGirlsTopperscopyright_zpsb0b74937.jpg

Next up was a little "Bouquet" of flowery girls for cupcake toppers and wraps.   I didn't realize until I was done that I had inadvertently given them the names of the sisters on "Keeping Up Appearances."    It was a happy co-incidence.

 photo SACORSCelebration_zps817b7d6d.jpg

Then I had the happy opportunity to create a poster/invite for a RS group over in America.  ME   Not sure what state that is, but They had bought my Forget Me Not print and requested this for an activity they were holding this month and so I was happy to oblige them.  No charge, how could I resist doing such a service for my Sisters in the Gospel.  I had fun doing it and that's what counted.

 photo REdshoesCopyright_zps5629c36c.jpg

And then there were red shoes.   I have been thinking of red shoes for a while, and the power that Dorothy found in hers in the Wizard of Oz.  When I was a girl I always wanted a pair of red shoes . . . I never got them, and so I decided to paint myself a pair . . . and just like Dorothy's they took me on a journey.

  photo LoveNeverFailscopyright_zps19d939d2.jpg

Last but not least . . . my favourite scripture.   I love the Scriptures.   I love how they speak to my heart and I especially love it when they inspire me and my paint brushes.  I am always amazed.   No credit to me however . . . it's my HF's doing.   He is the master at inspiration.

  photo SAM_4654_zps85947d1f.jpg

And that was what was happening on my work table this week.  What was happening on yours?

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Little Red on a Paint Party Friday

 photo Redcopyright_zps83fe1f33.jpg

Not a lot to show you on this Paint Party Friday.    I've been working on this newest paper doll.  Little Red.   I want to do a stand up background for her that is summer on one side and winter on the other.   Real life keeps getting in the way though.   I wish I could just spend all my time playing in my studio, but alas . . . I cannot.

 photo SAM_4654_zps85947d1f.jpg

I would love to be able to spend all week in here channeling Mary Englebreit and Joan Walsh Anglund and Susan Branch, my three art heroes . . .

  photo Whatwebecomecopyright.jpg

I think sometimes I just have too many fingers in too many pies . . . but I have always been the sort who gets bored easily of the same thing day after day . . . so I need variety.  Variety is what feeds my soul . . .

 photo copyrightlifesdaringadventure.jpg

I think I just love creating . . . be it a cake, or a cupcake wrapper . . . or a fairy or a little girl, or a paper doll . . . or a cloth doll, or a canvas . . .

  photo SDC12521.jpg

It has been ever so and I hope that it never changes.

 photo Being-Creative.jpg

May I always see the world around me through the eyes of my creative spirit.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WOYWW - Cupcake Toppers and Easter Goodies

 photo copyright-1_zpsc5a1fbff.jpg

I don't know why but the other day Easter was on my mind and so I painted these little cupcake toppers.   They just came out . . .

  photo copyrightbunny_zps879d3a5a.jpg

First the bunny hopped in . . .

 photo copyrightchick_zps65a4c263.jpg

Followed closely by the chick . . .

  photo lambcopyright_zps3ee54ea5.jpg

And then the spring lamb . . . and they brought such a gentle spirit with them.  I fear I am quite in love with them . . . so much so that I couldn't resist . . .

 photo Eastercupcakewrapcopyright_zpseabb6158.jpg

Making a little spring coat for them to wear in the form of a cupcake wrap.   The verse on it reads:

"See the land,
her Easter keeping,
Rises as her Maker rose.
Seeds so long
in darkness sleeping,
burst at last from
Winter snows."

Now I'm all set for Easter Treats . . . but I have been working on a few other cupcake toppers and wraps as well.  Stay tuned . . . also for a new paper doll.  Watch this space!


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Friday, 15 February 2013

Paint Party Friday

My goodness but the weeks seem to roll around quickly.   It's no sooner Monday than it is Friday again.   I have quite a few things to show you for the Paint Party today!

First up a new paper doll.

  photo FiFiLamourCOPYRIGHT_zps7ec0a359.jpg

This is FiFi L'amour . . . she's a romantic paper doll with the heart of a CowGirl.   I have had ever so much fun doing her and plan on adding to her clothing range as time goes by . . .

 photo copyrightextraclothesfifilamour_zpse06ee8e5.jpg

At the moment her wardrobe is sadly lacking as I have been rather busy this week finishing up these . . .
 yes, it's more illustrations for the children's book.

 photo nannyaliceretirescopyright_zps77eb8223.jpg

This one was a bit challenging as there were so many faces in it and I wanted to make everyone look a bit different . . . like people do, no two alike.

  photo NannyAliceandPowwowinthegardencopyright_zpsf4043cb7.jpg

This is one pretty amazing cat.   He reads.  He also looks rather lazy in this . . . but as we all know dogs have masters and cats have slaves!

  photo copyrightmagicblanket_zps737638f2.jpg

Magic blanket anyone???

 photo NannyAliceandPowowTripcopyright_zps3ed06141.jpg

This was the real challenge . . . getting it to look like a night sky and like they were actually flying above a city.  I wish so much I could have gone to art school, because then I would actually know what I am doing.

  photo copyrightpowwowsdream_zpscdafe949.jpg

This is one of my favourites.   He's sleeping.   I wish I could sleep that contentedly!

 photo NannyPowowHospitalCopyright_zps6ec2ec75.jpg

This has been a really fun project.  I still have a few more drawings to do . . . but it won't take long now.

I hope you've all enjoyed your visit with me here today.   Please hop on over to the Stamping Ground to see the rest of the Paint Party Friday participants.   They are a real talented bunch!

Happy Paint Party Friday and thanks ever so much for looking!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW on a Winter Wednesday


So, it seems that Winter is not quite ready to loosen it's grip on us just yet.  It is cold and I hear it is snowing in Wales, not five minutes from where I live . . . indeed the skies here in Chester look about ready to open up with goose-down as well.   That's life . . . each day a magical gift for us each to explore and enjoy.

This is what is keeping me busy this week . . .

 photo SAM_4827_zps8d9ee9b8.jpg

First there has been a little Valentine Match Box for my husband for Valentines Day.   I had so much fun doing this . . . my brain was ticking the whole time and my heart was smiling and all a-flutter with love for this special man I am lucky enough to share my life with.

 photo SAM_4820_zpsdd7d1f08.jpg

That's what a Valentine should be all about don't you think???  Love that makes your heart all a-flutter!

  photo Valentinefortodd_zpsa03dea1e.jpg

He is not perfect . . . but he's perfect to me and that makes us the perfect match I think.

 photo SAM_4816_zpsae31f591.jpg

Yes it is . . . very beautiful.

I have also been working on the final illustrations for the Children's book I've been working on.  Three more to go . . . which I will hopefully get done today!

  photo nannyaliceretirescopyright_zps77eb8223.jpg

I redid this one because I liked the softer feel of water colours for the book.   The first one I had done was in copic markers and whilst cute . . . I didn't like the feeling it put out . . . too harsh and bold.   I wanted something subtler . . . and I found it in watercolours.

 photo NannyAliceandPowwowinthegardencopyright_zpsf4043cb7.jpg

You can probably tell it is a book about a sweet old lady and a cheeky cat . . . say no more!

 photo NannyAliceandPowowTripcopyright_zps3ed06141.jpg

Together they make magic . . . tis all I can say for now.

I struggled a bit with this one as I wanted to portray a night sky, but with my limited art skills it was very challenging.   I know other artists would have the know how to know how to add a night sky digitally . . . but I am also very technologically challenged and so I must do it the old fashioned way . . .

  photo Wondersthatyouseek_zps4afb7c22.jpg

This week has also seen me playing with photographs taken . . .

 photo SAM_4672_zps5db02a90.jpg

My paper dolls . . .

 photo SAM_4655_zps5b7e1eaa.jpg

And organizing my work space.   A typical week.

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Thanks for looking!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Paper Dolls and Paint Party Friday

 photo BlueBellampButterCupheader_zps498044d2.jpg

This week I have been working on creating a special page for my paper dolls so that I can sell them as pdf downloads.   If you look up just under my header you will see the link which will take you to them.  I'm really excited about my paper dolls.   I always adored playing with them when I was a girl, and I used to love to collect the ones in Mary Englebreit's magazine . . . so long ago now.

This week I created a new page of clothes for BlueBell and ButterCup and they actually fit both dolls.

 photo FrocksandFrillsCopyright_zpscd98cd21.jpg

I really love creating new outfits for them.  It's so much fun.  I feel just as if I am shopping, but . . . it's costing me nothing but my time and imagination!

  photo SAM_4669_zps216d5e06.jpg

I've been enjoying playing with them as well.  BlueBell is all dressed up for school here, and check it out!

 photo SAM_4672_zps5db02a90.jpg

She's ready to party on!  I love her.

Today I took some which I had printed at a printers into the Gallery in Town for sale there.  But you can buy them to download and print out yourself in my BlueBell and ButterCup shop.   I will be adding lots of new pages and accessories too as time goes by, but that's not all . . .

  photo CopyrightRoseMarie_zps61c139ea.jpg

They also have a new friend, and I think she's just as cute as a button . . . so anyways, that's what I am sharing for Paint Party Friday this week!

Paint Party Friday

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Friday, 1 February 2013

BlueBell, The little girl that's a paper doll

 photo BlueBellCopyright_zps03c8ad68.jpg

This is what I have been working on this week.  A series of paper dolls.   I always loved paper dolls when I was a girl.   I did not have a lot of real dolls, but I had a whole big box filled with paper dolls.   I would spend hours playing with them, drawing and colouring new clothes for them.   It was so much fun.

 photo 1-2_zps0289786e.jpg

Bluebell also has a friend.  Her name is ButterCup . . . but I haven't done her clothes yet so I can't show her to you . . . but she's a redhead, just so you know.

  photo 3-3_zps2d03cf08.jpg

I envision them having all kinds of adventures together . . . and I GET TO DRESS THEM!
How fun is that?

 photo 2-2_zpsfe00f927.jpg

I can't wait.  I'm so excited about that I could almost squeal with delight.   I see tea parties and trips to the zoo and holidays . . . I see all sorts in their future.    It will be so much fun.

 Of course, I'm not selfish.   I'll take you along with me on the journey.   I hope you enjoy it too.

Edited to Add ButterCup, BlueBell's bestest friend.

  photo ButterCupCopyright_zpse5becfc0.jpg


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