Friday, 26 July 2013

Princess's, Peas and Paint Party Friday . . .

I was contacted earlier this week and asked if I could do my Princess and the Pea painting with a little blonde girl instead of the brown haired one I have on it.  This is a very old picture of mine . . . been kicking around for a few years now actually.

It was a painting I did back when I was just beginning to get back into painting.  I liked it, but if I was going to redo a painting, I wanted to do it a lot differently than the first one.   That's just me.  You may ask why would I have to redo it?   Couldn't I just change the hair colour??  Well maybe someone who is competent with Photo shop could . . . I am not competent with any sort of technology. I do everything by hand . . . me.  So I had to completely redo it from scratch.

 photo copyrightnewPrincessandthePea_zps3e50731c.jpg

And so I did.  This one is in water colors.   Her bed is a tree bed. I like that.  I would love a tree bed, wouldn't you?

  photo copyright_zps41cd3fe4.jpg 

I put a lot more detail with this one, not only with the tree bed . . . but there's a nest in the tree with a singing robin . . . and a very comfortable looking cat fast asleep on the bed.

I'm sure that she is envious of his ability to sleep through anything.  I would be.

And that's what on my desk this Paint Party Friday.   Do hop on over to The Stamping Ground to see what everyone else is doing!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Paint Party Friday and a few pieces

I am a bit behind in my posting artwork lately.  I get a bit down sometimes and discouraged because my artwork doesn't seem to get anywhere.  It doesn't stop me from creating.  I can't help creating.  It is as much a part of me as breathing is a part of me.  These things just fall out of my mind and fingertips . . . it does keep me from sharing though . . .

I need to be better about that.   Here's what I've done since the last time I posted.

 photo copyrightthankful_zpsbb2cbc99.jpg

I was practicing my watercolor and ink painting.   SO I came up with a fairy in a teacup.  I quite like how it turned out actually . . .

 photo CopyrightTruthwillprevail_zps5a5a96dc.jpg

Then, I have a friend who is acting in this summer's British Pageant at the Preston Temple.  She wanted a special card to share with the other's she has been working with.  This is what I came up with for her.  The title of the Pageant is "Truth Will Prevail," and it's about the church's beginnings in the UK.  (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)   I made a border of covered wagons, hand cards and sailing ships, then in the centre a family praying before they make the journey West.   All the early saints from the UK made the hazardous journey to Zion.

 photo copyrightAGA_zpse0671bca.jpg

I've been working on an Illustrated Cookbook, so I did this . . . it's an AGA in the winter . . . cat resting on the mat in front of it . . .

  photo copyrightTomatoes_zpscd99d7c2.jpg

A study watercolor of tomatoes.  I quite like it.

 photo copyrightbeans_zps2d94acb7.jpg

A tin of beans . . . can't say any more about this. It is what it is, lol.

  photo Copyrightfriendshouse_zpsc15c4ee1.jpg

Another Ink and Water color study.   I quite like this as well.   It makes a nice card for a friend.

 photo copyrightlandfaraway_zpsda98816e.jpg

Finally . . . she fell out of my head yesterday and landed on my paper.  I think those bunnies are quite enraptured by her story, don't you?

So that's my offering for Paint Party Friday this week.  Do hop on over to The Stamping Ground to see all the others.  There's some amazing talent there!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Paint Party Friday, Angels and other things . . .

 photo copyrightbeautifullydifferent_zps816e7545.jpg

I've been quite into painting these little angels lately.  I do enjoy the feeling they inspire in me.  Part playful, part soulful . . . joy and sweetness and everything in between.

"Cherish what makes you YOU!"

  photo copyrightstrength_zps0a12090d.jpg

I firmly believe this.   I think it is what doesn't kill us that makes us stronger, and I am grateful for all my broken bits that have been strengthened through experience.

"Courage to Grow Strong"

 photo copyrightHowIdoLoveThee_zps0339902a.jpg

A little play on the words of Elizabeth Barret Browning.  No, I do not have them backwards . . . I mean to say what I say . . .

"How I do love thee!"

For all the sweetie pies in your life.

 photo copyrightawesome_zps82ccd7e5.jpg

More angels.  I can't get the colours to scan right on this for some reason.  I kind of like the brightness in this . . .

"Awesome just like me!"

But then again . . . more muted and with different words . . .

  photo CopyrightKIndredspirits_zps0463b3cc.jpg 

It's not so bad either.   For all the kindred spirit friends out there . . .

(Kindred Spirits.) 

Do pop over to Paint Party Friday to see what everyone else has gotten up to!